Providing a top quality Traffic Management Plan is some thing that A-Star pride themselves on.  To achieve this we use both Cone 10 software and Briscad CAD software, this ensures we are always up to date with signage and are able to produce drawings to scale.  All of our drawing staff have been trained on Autocad cone and Promap and hold the LANTRA qualification 12D T7.  We use Ordnance Survey mapping to prepare the plans, which we purchase from a web site that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With many years of experience it means that we are able to produce a high quality drawing to go with your application, allowing the local authority to fully understand the extent of the works, and by using Ordnance Survey mapping each drawing is specific to the area the works.  All we need from you is where you need to work and leave the rest to us. Please note that all our TM plans are accompanied with a RAMS for the site.

We also provide a ‘Drawing Only’ service should you wish to carry out your own TM and only need a plan preparing. Please send your enquiries / emails to